A favourite amongst anyone who wants to better those moves when they hit a pub’s dance floor on a Saturday night or a Sangeet party with friends and family 🙂 Learn using the right techniques & moves. Your key take-aways are

  • Build endurance by lasting through the class
  • Dancer’s body language
  • Generate more happy cells
  • Boost confidence

Nicy’s area of expertise, who better to teach you this than the original contemporary queen herself! Learn this beautiful and expressive dance where we create poetry in motion. Your key take-aways are

  • Strength to stretch, conduct and hold all those beautiful dance moves
  • Flexibility
  • Expression of deeper emotions
  • Self-exploration
Hip Hop

What started as a street dance in the 1970s is just as relevant even today! Learn the right grooves and moves with the best Hip hop dancers in town. Our trainers specialize in popping, locking, and urban hip-hop. Your key take-aways are

  • Building agility by balancing your burst of energy
  • Deeper understanding of your muscular (or you can also say functional) strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn The Swag and Artistic Expression
  • Join the Hip-Hopper’s community


Advance Batch
  • This will take good dancers to the next level to enhance their dancing skills, strength, flexibility, body lines, and postures
  • Challenging and intense choreography combined with the most sizzling physical energy will be the highlights of these sessions
  • The best dancers of the batch will be given a chance to partake in stage performances with Nicy.
Kids and Juniors

Ideal for Kids 4-6 years

Ideal for Juniors 7-11 years

  • With Dance, kids learn to focus, control their movements and emotions which helps them become better in academics too!
  • Let your angels flourish in an environment where we teach them teamwork and collaboration through dance
Ladies Special

Ideal for 16 years and above

  • Allow yourself to radiate that beautiful feminine light by unleashing the dance diva within you
  • Learn new moves, let that body find its previous energy and prioritize your health while meeting similar-minded people.
  • A complete rejuvenating experience!
Season’s Special

Ideal for 16 years and above

  • Making you ready for Season’s Special!
  • Garba and Dandiya Classes